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Nature has managed our planet and its inhabitants for more than 3 billion years! Surely we have many lessons still to learn from that process. Natural Alternate is a simple approach, one that says no one has all the answers and when you are faced with significant life questions for health we aim to add a support system that stems from the natural things in life. Our focus is one of using everything at your disposal to make an impact in your health.

The RBT© protocol is based on an active anti-oxidation aid with exciting results being experienced all over the world. It is a normal natural supplement and not medication. The proof is in the results, although while being one of the easiest protocols to take – it does require discipline with your eating habits.

IMS© is so simply its almost too good to be true. Working on the oxidation principal it neutralises pathogens and help to boost the body ability to recover from many bacterial and viral based aliments. Used actively since the early 1900 in many applications it is powerful way to help you remove those unwanted pathogens, Bacterial as well as certain viral infections from the body.

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