Cold & Flu

IMS Cold & Flu Mineral Supplement is a powerful oxidant that has the ability to kill bacteria and pathogens found in the human body. IMS Cold & Fu combats Colds and Flu in a powerful and immediate way, and is also an every day immune booster that prevents common ailments, such as general aches and pains – helping you to achieve optimum health and more energy. Used correctly and taken at the onset of a Cold or Flu you should never have to take another antibiotic again.

IMS Cold & Flu consists of a sodium chlorite solution with minerals and enzymes in distilled water. The sodium chlorite in the bottle only becomes IMS Cold & Flu when combined with IMS Activator according to the instructions. The reaction between the two solutions produces chlorine dioxide that rids the body of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. IMS Cold & Flu also oxidises heavy metals in the body, which build up due to our unhealthy Western lifestyles, and eliminates them.

Chlorine dioxide does give a chlorine smell, but it is nothing like chlorine, which is dangerous if swallowed. In fact, sodium chlorite is used in many countries for water purification.

Directions for use

IMS Cold & Flu needs to be activated before use by mixing with IMS Activator. Always use 1 drop of IMS Activator per 1 drop of IMS Cold & Flu. Mix in an empty dry glass and wait 3 minutes. Then add a third to half a glass of water or preservative free juice with absolutely no Vitamin C and drink.

NB: Never use IMS Cold & Flu without activating with IMS Activator.

Juices that can be used with IMS Cold & Flu to make it more. and parasites.

Secondly, IMS Mozzi oxides the heavy metals within the body.

Thirdly, IMS Mozzi is carried throughout the body and neutralises foreign matter that is generally poisonous to the body thus supporting the immune system.

Fourth, IMS Mozzi oxides so efficiently that you will see results within 4 hours in cases detected early and general recovery will take on average 8 hours via one dose.

Good health doesn’t come easily, it comes naturally.

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