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IMS Detox Mineral Supplement is a powerful oxidant that has the ability to kill bacteria and pathogens as well as remove heavy metals found in the human body. IMS Detox is an every day immune booster that prevents common ailments, such as colds and u. It also combats general aches and pains – helping you to achieve optimum health and more energy with the added benets of weight loss when used correctly.

IMS Detox consists of a sodium chlorite solution with Minerals and Enzymes in distilled water. The sodium chlorite in the bottle only becomes IMS when combined with IMS Activator according to the instructions. The reaction between the two solutions produces chlorine dioxide with two negative ions. It is this chlorine dioxide that rids the body of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. IMS Detox also oxidises heavy metals in the body, which build up due to our unhealthy Western lifestyles, and eliminates them.

Chlorine dioxide does give o a chlorine smell, but it is nothing like chlorine, which is dangerous if swallowed. In fact, sodium chlorite is used in many countries for water purication. IMS Detox is specically aimed at clensing the body of all yeast, bacteria, pathogens and heavy metals in a 30 day detox cycle. Directions for use IMS needs to be activated before use by mixing with IMS Activator. Always use 1 drop of IMS Activator per 1 drop of IMS. Mix in an empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes. Then add a third to half a glass of water or preservative free juice with absolutely no Vitamin C and drink.

NB: Never use IMS without activating with IMS Activator. Juices that can be used with IMS to make it more palatable To disguise the smell and taste of IMS you can add water or juice. The juice you mix IMS with must be free of added Vitamin C/ascorbic acid, as Vitamin C makes IMS ineective. Supermarket brands that can be used include Wilder Apple Juice and Wilder Pear Juice only, or Liqui Fruit Red Grape, Cranberry Cooler, Summer Pine and Clear Apple. Buy either the 1L or 1.5L Liqui Fruit Tetra Pak not the cans or 2l Tetra Pak (the 2l has added avourings). Detox Process: Due to the powerful nature of IMS
Detox it is recommended that you start with a small dose and build up to the Detox dosage. This is important, as taking too much IMS Detox immediately will cause vomiting due to detoxing your system faster than the body can deal with the dead bacteria,
pathogens and parasites it kills inside the body during the process. The body learns how to rid itself of these dead bacteria and pathogens over a few days and once you are accustomed to taking IMS Detox it will not cause this reaction. So start slowly and build up the dosage to give your body time to use the IMS Detox correctly while allowing your body to get rid of the dead bacteria and pathogens it will create. Once you have reached the full 15 drop dosage you can use the supplement on and o without any negative eects. Try taking IMS Detox 30 minutes before or 1 hour after eating for best results.

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