IMS Mozzi

IMS Mozzi supports the body in combating the fever and associated discomfort that takes place when malaria is suspected. Finally, a solution to beating the bacteria and pathogens that attack the body’s immune system and cause damage when suffering from the ravages of malaria.

IMS Mozzi, a Chlorine Dioxide solution that, once activated, is the most powerful killer of micro-organims known to man, eradicating viruses, bacteria, parasite, moulds and yeasts.

What’s so unique about IMS is that the immune system uses it to only attack those germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body , without affecting the friendly bacteria in the body or any of the healthy cells. IMS Mozzi uses oxidation so efficiently that it removes the bacteria load within hours.

An Important Point:

Vitamin C that is used in juices as a preservative will completely prevent the IMS Mozzi from activating . Do not use juices of the shelf unless you are sure no Vitamin C has been added. Natural Vitamin C juices are not a problem, except for orange juice, which will prevent IMS Mozzi from working.

4 Key areas of IMS Mozzi

Firstly, IMS Mozzi destroys anaerobic micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, moulds, yeasts, and parasites.

Secondly, IMS Mozzi oxides the heavy metals within the body.

Thirdly, IMS Mozzi is carried throughout the body and neutralises foreign matter that is generally poisonous to the body thus supporting the immune system.

Fourth, IMS Mozzi oxides so efficiently that you will see results within 4 hours in cases detected early and general recovery will take on average 8 hours via one dose.

Good health doesn’t come easily, it comes naturally.

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